The Poopetrators

Pooping ProhibitedInadvertently coming into contact with pet waste, well…stinks.  Pardon the pun.  And it happens, of course, at the most inopportune time.  Immediately,  you start looking for the nearest garden hose, body of water or even a stick to clean the poop off your brand new shoes while muttering a few choice words at the unknown culprit and their owner.    What’s worse, when it is left outside, pet waste can be tracked into homes and vehicles or washed into our streams and rivers.

The was a time that there was not too much you could do about stepping in dog poop. Sure, you have your suspicions as to who the guilty parties are, but without evidence to nail the “poopetrators”, you have no recourse but simply clean it up and movie on. Today, there is a solution.  Three letters: DNA.

When people hear acronyms such as DNA, it conjures up thoughts of crime labs and TV shows such as CSI and Forensic Files.  Thankfully, there are companies that make this technology available to anyone looking to stop inconsiderate pet owners and neighbors from continuing this unhealthy, bad behavior.

Using DNA to catch criminals is nothing new.  Feces or dog poop has DNA and DNA holds the genetic blueprint, or biological information of a living organism.  The results of a  DNA test, or genetic test can be  used for a variety of reasons.  But for our purposes, we will only focus on dog DNA matching or identification. Now when owners and their pets poop and run, its just a matter of time before  justice prevails.

What’s important to remember when pursuing a poopertrator is that you cannot simply scoop the poop, send it to the lab and viola´ you’ve got your suspect.  There is a simple process to collecting poop samples.

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